“Trial – 3_Azola_T1_F1(max)” – Data generation on Drying apparatus



The above graph shows weight loss pattern of Azola. The trialĀ  was subjested to following conditions:

  • T3 = 70 deg celcius
  • F1(max) = 1.2 m3/min
  • Substrate: Azola
  • Initial Weight=56.376
  • Final Weight=2.733
  • LOD=0.962
  • Initial Water Content=54.233
  • Target weight=2.142

Following are Generated Drying curves



Mobile Stand Design

Inspired from Pinterest I have designed and fabricated this mobile stand. This is to understand relation and form and function. I have made this using VA’s Plasma.

It is very crude. I am trying to go for new materials and design.

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BioDrum needs a ‘New Drum’

Ther was a failure in Drum reinforcement due to buckling stresses induced.

Possible Causes:

1) Overloading of drum may be one reason.

The drum is designed for taking 20 Kg of garbage daily. Since the drum was overloaded the reinforcement failed and a metal strip was broken.

2) Bad fabrication method is another probable cause.

The reinforcement strips were not rolled but forced and screwed. The stresses due to this also led to the cracking and failure of reinforcement.

For this the reinforcement need to be redesigned and strengthened. The images show new fabricated reinforcement.

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Trial on drying LEMON slices..!

And yes we tried it. Dehydrating lemons..!!

LOD shows that lemons consist 94% of bound water.

We tried trials on different dryers. We loaded sample batches in Ambient temperature dryer, Solar Convection dryer and Direct sun drying. We compared the quality of product to justify the advantage of Ambient temperature dryer (Dome dryer).

Following image show the comparison.


In this trial we concluded by generating high retention of colour and flavour in Dome Dryer.

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